Common Ingredients in Greek Food Part 2

Ingredients Greek Food 2

Greek food is one of the healthiest and most flavorful cuisines in the world. In our last blog, we featured some of the most common ingredients found in Greek Food, click here to read our previous blog. Here are other ingredients that are also commonly used.


Meat and vegetables are often used when cooking Greek Food. Freshly squeezed lemon juice is an ingredient that can help balance the flavor between meat and vegetables. Lemons can also be used as part of an ingredient of a dip, garnishing item, and marinate.

Greek Honey
The biodiversity of Greece’s landscape allows its bees to produce one of the best honey in the world. It is used as a natural form of sweetener. There are many Greek dishes that use Greek honey. Baklava is one of the more popular Greek desserts that use honey. Honey also compliments savory dishes that contain ham, nuts, cheese, and stews.


Greek food uses a variety of fresh herbs and spices. Oregano is one of the most popular herbs that is applied to just about every Greek food dish. It compliments meat, tomato sauce, cheese, and most of all Greek food.


Thyme is another one of the most popular herbs used in Mediterranean food. It hosts a lot of nutritional profiles. Its mellow flavor and sweet aroma complement Lamb, chicken, and other meat dishes.

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