Caravan Kebab’s Top Favorite Vegetarian Food

Caravan Kebab’s Top Favorite Vegetarian Food

In many parts of the world vegetarian cooking is the mainstay of their meals. For many reasons including cultural, religious, cost and local access to ingredients. This lends to a rich history of vegetarian cuisines throughout the world. Chef Shahzad has traveled across Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean where he perfected his craft. His menu is a collection of memories, experience, and flavor. Shahzad’s goal is to provide customers with healthy, delicious, and affordable worldwide cuisine. Many of his dishes are created from a vegetarian perspective first, and not an afterthought like at some other restaurants. Our menu is a rich compilation of some of the tastiest, most authentic dishes hailing from India, the Mediterranean region, and Europe.

Here are some of our customers’ favorite vegetarian food from our menu:

Veggie Kofta: This is a delicious dish that does not need to imitate meat to be delicious. It includes “meatball-sized” patties of finely chopped, mixed vegetables with chickpea flour and herbs served in a creamy, spiced butter sauce.

Veggie Masala: Masala means a mix of spices, and this one is very tasty! Seasonal market vegetables in a tomato-onion sauce with garlic, ginger, and masala spices.

Lahori Dal: This recipe uses lentils, which are edible legumes that have been consumed since at least 8000 BC. Red lentil stew enriched with garlic, cilantro, coriander seed, and other freshly ground spices.

Saag Paneer: A dish that customers order week after week. Mild paneer cheese smothered in a sauce of pureed spinach and mustard greens, garlic, cream, and freshly ground spices.

With all our dishes, please specify mild, medium, or hot. All our dishes are served with saffron basmati rice and gluten-free!

Chef Shahzad has curated a wonderful selection of vegetarian dishes, all made with the freshest local ingredients available. After years of extensive traveling, Chef Shahzad took all that he learned from chefs around the world to create the visually and deliciously stunning Caravan Kebab restaurant. If you’re looking for a tasty vegetarian meal that brings together the best flavors from around the world with the freshest local ingredients, look no further than our menu here at Caravan Kebab! 

We invite you to come to dine with us at Caravan Kebab, while we are not a fully Vegetarian Restaurant we have many great offerings. Be sure to try our vegetarian food when you dine with us in Edmonds, WA. Or, place an order for takeout and get a free dessert on the house! We look forward to serving you soon.