Caravan Kebab’s Top Vegetarian Dish Part 2

Caravan Kebab’s Top Vegetarian Dish Part 2

Gone are the days where going vegetarian meant eating bland meat alternatives. Now that the demand for vegetarian dishes in restaurants is on the rise, so is the quality of meatless options, starting here at Caravan Kebab! Our menu is a rich compilation of some of the tastiest, most authentic dishes hailing from India, the Mediterranean region, and Europe. 


Chef Shahzad has specially curated a vast selection of internationally-inspired vegetarian dishes, all made with the freshest local ingredients available. After years of extensive traveling, Chef Shahzad took all that he learned from chefs around the world to create the visually and deliciously stunning Caravan Kebab restaurant in Edmonds, Washington. 


If you’re looking for a tasty vegetarian meal that brings together the best flavors from around the world with the freshest local ingredients, look no further than our menu here at Caravan Kebab! Here are a few of the top vegetarian dishes at our restaurant: 


Lahori Dal: Dal is a protein-packed dish that is made with a base of lentils, peas, or beans for a thick and filling meal. Our Lahori Dal is made with red lentils cooked as a stew with garlic, cilantro, coriander seed, and a special blend of freshly ground Indian spices. 


Veggie Masala: Our local produce in Washington State is loaded with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables year-round. At Caravan Kebab, we love to celebrate the delicious produce available to us, and no other dish brings the flavors of Washington to life like our Veggie Masala! We use seasonal market vegetables in a rich tomato-onion sauce with garlic, ginger, and masala spices. 


Handi Paneer: Paneer is a mild Indian cheese commonly used in curry. Our Handi Paneer features our paneer cheese in a smooth tomato sauce with yogurt, garlic, green herbs, and a blend of Pakistani spices. 


Saag Paneer: For another taste of paneer, give our Saag Paneer a try! This hearty and rich dish combines the mild flavor of paneer cheese in a sauce of pureed spinach and mustard greens, garlic, cream, and fresh spices. 

We invite you to come to dine with us at Caravan Kebab, now open at 100% capacity! Be sure to give our other vegetarian dishes a try, including our salads, homemade bread, spreads with pita, and sweet treats. Or, place an order for takeout and get a free dessert on the house! We look forward to seeing you.