The Origins of Mediterranean Food

Mediterranean Food Edmonds Seattle Shoreline

Mediterranean food is one of the most refreshing and exciting culinary experiences to enjoy. With fresh herbs, tangy yogurt sauces, and tender pieces of meat and fish, Mediterranean food has something for everyone. It’s the combination of delicious flavors and rich tradition that has made Mediterranean food such a beloved cuisine worldwide; One that you’ll definitely want to try.

The History

Mediterranean food is characteristic of the region it yields from. The Meditteranean region includes the Southern European coast, the Levantine coast, and the North African coast. These countries border the Mediterranean Sea, resulting in a unique output of harvestable crops and agriculture. While tradition and cooking methods may vary, the Mediterranean Sea’s natural variables heavily influence the dishes of the Mediterranean diet, which also happens to be one of the healthiest in the world

The warmer weather and fertile region along the Mediterranean coast create the optimal climate for growing many of the Mediterranean diet’s most well-known components. A few signature Mediterranean foods include olive oil, figs, citrus fruits, various vegetables, fresh seafood, and specialty cheeses

Mediterranean Food Culture in the United States 

The United States is just one of many countries around the world with an appreciation for Mediterranean food. An increasing number of Mediterranean restaurants are on the rise country-wide, with more people willing to try new cuisines from around the world. Even grocery stores are offering more Mediterranean-inspired items, including hummus, falafel, and flatbreads.   

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